Project Summary

In this project, Bayview Demolition fully gutted the second and third floors of El Camino Hospital’s four-story Women’s Hospital. In phase one, our team removed an exterior window and used an 85’ telescopic boom lift in order to offload debris safely and efficiently from the second and third floors. This was also done in part to minimize the impact of demolition upon the doctors and patients receiving care on the surrounding floors. All interior finishes were removed including carpet, drywall, doors, and light fixtures; as well as all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. To wrap up phase one, the Bayview Demolition team used the boom lift to safely remove all exterior windows.
In phase two, large air handling units will be removed as well as the concrete pads which supported them. The team will then then sawcut and break out out concrete walls to make way for the installation of new air handing units and louvers. In the third and final phase, Bayview Demolition will perform selective demolition on restrooms and maternity rooms throughout the building.

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