Keeping Things Ship Shape

All vessels require repairs during their working lives. Maintenance and repairs will keep them in shipyards and out of commercial operation, costing owners significantly. It’s critical to have a highly efficient company providing these services. In addition, various trades generally work on a ship simultaneously in tight quarters, making safety-mindedness essential.

Project Types

  • Educational & Institutional
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
Our Divisions

Bayview brings decades of experience to critical construction needs in three core areas.

Let Us Break It Down

Bayview interior and exterior demolition services - satisfying stringent performance requirements

Let Us Take the Risks

Bayview hazardous material abatement services — from immediate-response scenarios to large scale projects

Let Us Keep It Going

Bayview cleaning, maintenance, and transportation services — from hazardous materials remediation to process system decontamination

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