Project Summary

This project was jointly performed by Bayview Environmental and Bayview Insulation. The project included the removal and reinstalling of insulation and the abatement of lead paint, floor tiles, disposal of wastewater, oil, and the recovery of fuels. The project for Bayview Insulation encompassed the removal and re-installation of hull board, walk-in freezer insulation, process piping, chilled/heating and steam piping, fabrication of blankets for turbine, heat exchangers, valves and insulation of evaporators and pumps. Bayview Environmental performed the abatement of lead paint located in the walls, ceilings, and epoxy flooring. Concurrently, the collection of wastewater, waste oils, sewage and fuels to appropriate transfer containers was performed. Lastly, the cleaning of tanks, voids, coffer dams, and the repair of sewage piping and boiler main stem stop valves.