A Year in Review

A Year in Review

What a whirlwind the last year has been! From Bayview exceeding $55 million in revenue in the middle of a pandemic to kicking off an entirely new Industrial Division, there has been very little down time for both the Northern and Southern California offices. New key hires as well as some new equipment have also made a big impact on the company.

We had a lot of movement over the last year between offices with employees that benefitted Bayview greatly. With the relocation of personnel from Oakland to LA, it gave us the opportunity for internal growth through expansion. Moving some important people from the Oakland to the LA office opened up positions and funds that led to some important new hires. On top of the new hires, Bayview moved our Southern California office to a new location that we now own, which allows for stability moving forward.

Over the last year there have been some massive jobs that Bayview has tackled.

  • Etiwanda Generating StationThe Southern California office landed the Etiwanda Power Plant which consisted of asbestos remediation for the decommissioning of the 640-megawatt electric power generating station with a price tag of $4,600,000. Our Southern California branch was pleased to be selected as the contractor on this project as it encompasses many technical challenges involved in our trade.
  • Mission Intel – Our Northern California branch didn’t skip a beat considering the constant changing of Covid-19 protocols. One of the bigger projects Bayview was awarded out of the NorCal office was the Mission Intel project at the Intel facility located in Santa Clara. This $5 million + job consisted of containment and removal of mold impacted drywall from 3 levels of the building as well as the removal of mechanical systems.

Simplifying each job is key in our industry and having the correct equipment for each job does just that. This is why Bayview was excited to purchase a brand-new saw truck over this last year. Our new truck was designed to provide efficient power, water, transport, support, and storage of heavy concrete saws and equipment used for slab and flat cutting. With a 3300 lb. capacity lift gate it makes unloading and loading of heavy saw equipment safe and simple.

Our Director of Operations Peter Warren summed up the year perfectly with this quote, “2021 proved to be a year of transition for Bayview. We experienced the release of many jobs put on hold by the pandemic, as well as spurts of activity when the conditions improved. Thanks to the hard work of our sales and operations teams, we were consistently busy in each of our divisions, and we navigated the challenges with great success. Each division was able to surpass the financial goals that we set at the start of the fiscal year. It has been interesting to watch the Demolition side of our business catch up with the Environmental work which has always been our mainstay.”

With the 2021 fiscal year successfully ending, Bayview Services is excited to see what 2022 has to offer!


Kyle VandenBos
Marketing Associate