New Opportunities

New Concrete Truck and Concrete Floor Grinder

Many of us can agree that the last year and a half have been full of unpredictable times. We can also agree that our company has been very fortunate to be able to continue to grow and succeed through these times. I have been with Bayview Services since 1993, and never once have I doubted that our company would be able to overcome challenges, especially because its priority is always its employees. Through our success, we also include investment in some new equipment for the concrete division. This is an investment that will benefit our company for many years to come.

-Daniel Ledesma

From an estimating standpoint, the addition of a new concrete truck and floor grinder should lead to increased revenue for the company. We receive a lot of bid invites for jobs that require concrete slab sawing and soft demo. The addition of a concrete truck should allow us to be more aggressive on our bids and get some of the work that we may have lost by having to carry a subcontractor to perform the work for us. Also, we are seeing that many contractors are looking for us to remove floor glue, adhesive, mastic, epoxy, etc.; to bare concrete substrate, ready to receive new finishes. The new floor grinder will give us the ability to perform that type of work in a more productive and efficient manner.

-Bryan Davis

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