New ESOP Members
Emmanuel Torres, Southern California
Project Manager

I am very excited to be a part of the Bayview team and continue to grow myself and the Bayview name. ESOP is a great example of how committed Bayview is to its employees. ESOP helps keep a motivated and ambitious team that will ultimately thrive together

Michael Terry, Northern California
Marketing Associate

When I first heard of ESOP, I was interested more of why a company would offer this to its employees and the benefits it can have. I had never heard of an “employee-owned” company prior to working here. As I started to understand the benefits of ESOP, I understood that it means that every employee contributes to its growth and the change in economic performance of Bayview. This has no cost to any employee and definitely motivates me to make sure I continue to do my best to help the company continue to grow.

Alex Perez, Northern California
Accounting Manager

They say hard work pays off and there is no better example of that than the ESOP. Knowing that my efforts are directly tied to me, and my colleague’s retirement gives me that much more motivation to give it my 110%.

Maria Rosas, Northern California
Contract Administrator

I am very excited to be part of Bayview and the ESOP Program ! I enjoy being part of such an amazing company and team . After learning about ESOP I feel very thankful and happy about my future at Bayview .