Investing in the Marketing Department

Since Bayview was founded in 1993, we have been the go-to company in the Bay area for all demolition, environmental, and industrial needs. We have created this reputation through honest hard work, stringent safety protocols, and consistently meeting or beating deadlines. It’s exciting being part of a team with such a good track record knowing the sky is the limit when it comes to Bayview’s success.

Now that we have the Southern California office firing on all cylinders, our goal is to build the same reputation down here that we have in the Bay. In just three and a half years our SoCal office has already completed 95 jobs with a revenue of over $38 million. We reached these numbers with the majority of jobs being in the public sector.

Moving forward, my goal for the company is to bridge the relationships we already have in the Bay with the Southern California office. In doing this we will be working with companies that already have respect for Bayview and what our team brings to the table. Merging these relationships should boost the SoCal offices private job sector and help the company grow exponentially.

-Kyle VandenBos

Bayview takes pride in our work; we are timely, responsive and most of all reliable. E.S.O.P.- Employee Stock Ownership Plan means that each employee has a vested interest in the company succeeding and therefore is motivated to supply our customers with the highest quality services. I feel these are the primary reasons why Bayview has a proven track record and is the ideal company to contract with on any demolition, environmental and industrial projects our clients’ may have.

As the new Marketing Associate, I take pride in building and maintaining a healthy relationship with all our clients. I want to keep them aware of our services and understand that when we work with them, it will be straight forward, and we will get the job done right the first time. We get in and out so they can continue their project and know that we did our work as safely and efficiently as possible.

At Bayview I have a wealth of mentors who want me to succeed and progress within the company. The information they share benefits my understanding of client relationships and previous work performed which helps me to build better connections with our clients moving forward. As a company we want to build personal connections with our clients because we do care about our relationships as well as about every detail of the work we perform.

-Michael Terry

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