Client Appreciation


Wanted to acknowledge the Bayview crew you had at Larkin Sub, Francisco and his team were very professional and really took pride in the work they did here at Larkin. The crew were very courteous, picked up and cleaned up and secured the area they were in each day. I would highly recommend this crew to continue to work at PG&E sites.


Gary Carlson
Sr. Electrical Inspector


Thank you guys for getting a crew ready to go on such a short notice. Demo went smoothly!! Also,
I can't speak enough about Miguel the foreman, he thought of everything from setting up plastic around the mock-ups to bringing a mop to wipe the floor down when done. The crew was incredible and super hard working, these guys meant business.

Jose Vega
Assistant Superintendent


After walking all of the floors and confirming that all of your guy’s scope of work has been completed, I wanted to thank you guys for all of the hard and good work that you guy’s performed out here and getting it done on time. It was a pleasure working with you guy’s, keep up the good work, hopefully we see you on the next one.


Freddy Ramos