Restocking Inventory

Hello Everyone,

I do not have to explain to anyone how our world has drastically changed in these last few months but let me give you some insight on how it has affected the Purchasing Department. For the most part materials have always been plentiful. These days they are harder to acquire. It has turned into a daily struggle to keep up with what is available today and what is going to be harder to attain tomorrow. All of you that work in the office have been given personal protective items. From the N-95 to gloves, hand sanitizer etc. etc. These items are the most challenging items to procure. We  ensure that these items are always available and accessible to everyone that works here and that come to visit our office. I take great pride in knowing that all the extra effort and time it takes to keep up with these added challenges in purchasing is supplying our projects with material needed to complete the jobs safely. The extra effort allows our office staff to stay safe and protected while they are at work.