Workplace Adaptation

Workplace changes and the Covid-19 pandemic

This newsletter finds us in changing times as a company and society. Life is different for all of us now, and it is important to communicate to our ESOP members how Covid-19 has affected Bayview Services. Our outlook on the 2020 fiscal year changed as the shelter in place orders and shutdown of most construction forced us to reduce financial budgets for the year ahead. However, our ability to adapt and react has allowed us to maintain a healthy and productive workplace as we progress through the current situation.

The first step for management and sales was to find new ways to effectively communicate without face to face meetings and passing around printed documents. This may seem to some as a small adjustment, however, as a construction company our norms were based in handshakes, collaborative problem solving and small group meetings. I have been impressed with the adaptability of our project managers, operations team, and office staff. We are seamlessly holding online meetings to organize crews, plan projects, problem solve, project sales forecasts, and train on the new requirements to ensure a safe workplace. Yes, there are fewer friendly greetings and chats in the physical office space, and the ones that do happen include face coverings, and social distancing, but we have embraced available technologies to overcome these challenges.

In the field, we have continued to work on our essential projects, keeping hundreds of employees safe, healthy, and gainfully employed. Our Hazardous Materials division has been conducting cleanups of workspaces for many of our clients, so that their employees can feel safe about the time they physically spend in the workplace, and going home to their families when their work is done. Our safety department has been focused on updating company policy, trainings, and worksite visits. Their focus has been ensuring not only construction standards are maintained but social distancing and sanitization standards as well.

We always talk about the team environment an ESOP creates in a workplace, and I think the way that everyone employed with Bayview Services has adapted to the changes this pandemic has brought about exemplifies that. Thanks to all of our staff and ESOP members for their dedication and teamwork!