Employee Portal

Bayview Services and subsidiaries are excited to announce the launch of its new employee portal. It will consist of five categories, which will have a wide range of information. The company will be providing you with a username and password in order to access the portal.

The first category will have the most recent Employee Handbook and company policies. As many of you know, we recently updated the Employee Handbook and there is a handful number of revisions made to it.

The second category will have Employee Insurance Benefits details. We will upload medical plan descriptions and comparison summaries of the four different medical plans the company offers to you. You will have readily available more information in case you are struggling to choose between plans, and you are unsure which one fits you and your family better. We all have unique personal situations and you can read more about the differences in plans in here. The company offers dental and vision benefits to you, 100% paid by the employer. You may find coverage and deductibles in here as well.

The third category will have details of our cafeteria plan, also called Section 125 Premium Plan. Some of you have chose to upgrade to Silver plans, so you are aware that means payroll deductions either weekly or biweekly. In addition, you have seen the documents I provide to you every beginning of the year. You can access these forms in here in case you have qualifying events in the middle of the year such as a newborn. Also, we will have detailed information for those of you who chose the Bronze plan and have an HSA account. We will provide you with contact information to Optum Health that oversees the administration of your HSA contributions.

The fourth category will give you information on the 401(k) Retirement Plan. Currently, Americas oversees your 401(k) payroll contributions. We will upload the necessary information, so you can create an account and monitor your portfolio.

Lastly, the fifth category will have information about the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. You may find the most recent Summary Plan Description here for your convenience.

This information will be updated periodically, so you may visit this portal and get the information when you need it.