Client Appreciation

“Wayne, I wanted to take a moment and recognize the good job that Bayview did this weekend for us. I specifically want to recognize the foreman Alfredo, Jorge, and Jose Chavarria were very good to work with. They did the work safely and worked hard and carefully to make sure we made our deadline.Please take a moment to share this with them, and know how much we appreciate working with them, and look forward to working with them again in the future. I also appreciate how you and Tony were able to pull all of this work together so quickly and have it be executed so smoothly on short notice.”

Jim Young
Sr. Superintendent

“Hi Wayne, I wanted to express my gratitude for Bayview’s performance today at our facility. Your crew, led by Augustine, was beyond impressive. I spoke with Jaime early this morning and he was very communicative in letting me know what to expect throughout the day. Augustine and his crew exceeded expectations in every way imaginable. As I walked Augustine through the facility, it was blatantly clear his objective was to make sure that our suite was completely disinfected. There was no sign of wavering on that objective. I was on-site and observing throughout the day, and his crew crew did not deviate whatsoever from the sanitizing process, even during lunch. I can’t thank you enough for arranging this for me on such short notice. During my 14 years at Vance Brown, Bayview was always the most responsive and professional for all of my testing and abatement needs. This was impressive, today. From what I’ve been told, we will be performing this type of cleaning once again before employees return to work. I’d like to request that Augustine and his crew are them same professionals that will conduct this work at that time. Please submit your invoice as soon as you are able, and I will ensure it is paid, immediately. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you!”

Chris Lee
Facilities Management

“Hello Jaime and Wayne, Wanted to pass along the following to you with regards to the Recent Tank Cleaning and Hazmat Removal Project Work you guys at Bayview Environmental did for me and PCS per our Cape Orlando PO#1712454. After you had cleaned the three tanks, (Sludge Tank, Oil Drain Tank and Bilge Water Tank), I scheduled a required internal examination of the tanks with the American Bureau of Shipping Surveyor/Inspector. Yesterday I performed this inspection with ABS and crawled through each and every tank bay compartment of each of the three tanks that you had cleaned and prepared the tanks for my inspection. I could not find one area of any of the tanks that were not cleaned properly which is uncommon to say the least. Generally after tank cleaning one will find some areas not clean enough for inspection. Normally I will have with me a bunch of rags to wipe down areas for inspection that were not clean to remove oily residue to look at the steel. This was not the situation I found and was very happy to lead the inspector through well cleaned tanks by your firm. This work also helped me find in the bilge water tank, some eroded welds in a few locations of the hull plating of the vessel. I am now able to include these areas for future repairs once the vessels drydocks in the fall. Finding these few areas of repairs needed in the bilge water tank is critical and your good cleaning efforts helped me locate the areas of repair and will now save us in the long run now that I can identify exact location needing attention. Wanted to say Thank You, for a job very well done! CC’ing our purchasing representatives to add this email to our vendor files. Best Regards and stay safe.”

John Barber
Port Engineer