Project Summary

Bayview Environmental Services, Inc. was awarded the second phase of the demolition project at the Intel facility located in Santa Clara California. The scope included a variety of items that were to be removed from the facility including the walls of the Fab room and the remaining lower steel that was supporting the walls. The existing structural fireproofing material was assessed, and Bayview removed the fireproofing that was delaminating and damaged from a former water leak. After Bayview removed the fireproofing, the structural steel was blasted using the “Dustless Blaster” to remove the residual fireproofing and rust so that the new fireproofing could be reapplied.

The project was a combination project performed with Environmental and Demolition teams working in sequence to remove the necessary items scheduled for demolition and to remove the fireproofing and blast the structural steel. The $1.7 million + dollar project was scheduled for 12 weeks.

Josue Torres was the superintendent assigned to this project along with Claudio Paniagua who was the general foreman.

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