Project Summary

The clean demo scope of work involved removal and disposal of the following items: carpet tile, VCT, sheet flooring, ceramic tile, stone tile, vinyl baseboard, floor glue, drywall/plaster wall partitions, folding door partitions & supports, doors, frames, casework, window blinds, toilets, sinks, restroom partitions, Burgess manning ceiling system, gyp. board ceilings, plaster ceilings, and window shade pockets. The scope also included removal of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing utilities throughout the floor, including cabling inside walker ducts, and an extensive detail of the ceiling deck for an exposed finish.

The hazardous materials abatement scope of work involved removal and disposal of asbestos floor tile and mastic, PCB caulking, asbestos rough-textured plaster, lead-glazed ceramic wall tile, asbestos-containing tar on pipe insulation, TSI pipe elbows, and acoustical overspray. It also involved creating openings through asbestos-containing plaster in the building exhaust shafts for new MEP and dampers.

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